May 13, 2017

Upemba-Kundelungu Clinic, DR Congo

Nurses Really Can Do Anything!

Imagine being a nurse with all the responsibilities of caring for your patients, but without all the supplies you need at your fingertips. Imagine caring for patients who are giving birth, or patients with respiratory distress, malaria, food born parasites, wounds, and malnutrition, not knowing when the power in your facility may go out. Now imagine doing it as the only healthcare provider in the facility, caring for the community.

Meet Yvette, the phenomenal nurse who does this job every day in Upemba-Kundelungu National Parks, in DR Congo. She functions as triage nurse, midwife, wound care nurse, pediatric nurse, infectious disease nurse, to name a few specialties. She has dedicated her career to looking after the health and well-being of the Rangers who work on the front lines of the conservation effort and their families, as well as the communities surrounding the Parks.

Yvette decided to go into healthcare after her father fell ill when she was a child. Her family lived far away from the hospital or any type of medical treatment facility. She wanted to learn medicine in order to be able to take care of her family as well as her neighbors. So she became a nurse.

Yvette lost her husband 14 years ago when her children were very young. She singlehandedly raised her children during a violent civil war, while working as a nurse. Her eldest, Benedicte, is in her last year of nursing school, preparing to join the medical effort. Her younger child, Eddy, is in third year secondary school.

Community health is incredibly important to Yvette, and she says that one of the greatest difficulties is not having the physical supplies necessary to implement her skill set for the good of the Rangers, their families, and the community.  The clinic that she is working to rehabilitate in conjunction with Serqet and Forgotten Parks Foundation, was decimated by decades of conflict.  Yvette has come back to work in this clinic because the Rangers, their families, and the communities urgently need healthcare.

Serqet, in partnership with Forgotten Parks Foundation, is raising funds to support the Upemba-Kundelungu clinic, in DR Congo, and Yvette.   She is currently working without the funds to pay her salary (361$/month) or provide equipment and supplies needed in the clinic.

Please help us support Yvette in these efforts to provide healthcare to the Rangers, their families, and the communities attached to conservation! All money raised goes directly to the clinic.

Visit our DONATE page to view a list of urgently needed supplies that your support enables us to procure for the clinic!