February 16, 2016


Rangers are being killed protecting wildlife – They need your help!

‘This is trauma training, not first aid. I will teach you how to stabilize mass hemorrhage, treat gunshot wounds, and kick start a heart. Please don’t ask me for a band-aid.’  – Liz Marriott, CEO, opening remarks for RTCC (Basic).

The men and women who put their lives on the line in the name of conservation on a daily basis often sustain injuries in the line of duty. Too often a non-fatal injury turns lethal simply because of a lack of knowledge regarding treatment, and a lack of medical supplies to implement that treatment.

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There is a gap on the front line of healthcare in this arena. It is Serqet’s goal to bridge this gap with the Med4Rangers project.

The brave men and women who patrol these protected areas, keeping endangered wildlife safe from poaching, protecting natural resources as well as the people in the local communities, are in desperate need of basic trauma training and medical supplies.  In order to stabilize casualties on the ground while awaiting response from a higher level of emergency personnel, or in transit to a facility that can provide a higher level of care, these things are imperative. And at the moment, these things are at a level of critical shortage.  Men and women are dying simply because there is a lack of supply of adequate equipment, as well as a lack of formal training in self help and first line emergency response.  Serqet has designed a course tailored to meet these needs. It is implemented by former combat medics, with the oversite of nurses and doctors.


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The project provides a wide range of medical kits to compliment the training, from a basic kit that should be available for carry by every ranger (as they are not always patrolling with a group), to a trauma medical pack that should be carried by a medic, trained in use of all the equipment by Serqet personnel. In addition, we can provide technologies to aid in faster communication between Rangers and their command and control location, as well as tracking for monitoring Rangers’ locations while on operations.

The ultimate goal for this project is to provide every Ranger with a personal med pack and high quality training in its use. Select Rangers who function in more of a medic’s capacity within their patrol unit will then be given more extensive training and outfitted with trauma packs. Our aim is to make this project sustainable; after the original pack distribution, Serqet will continue to replenish the medical supplies contained within the packs as needed.

These packs are absolutely lifesaving! Join Serqet in the mission to preserve the lives of the Rangers who work so diligently to preserve the lives of others! Visit our Donate page to see how you can best support these efforts!