February 16, 2016

Conservation Healthcare

This branch of Serqet is designed to take on a wide range of projects, with the aim being to raise the standard of healthcare within underserved conservation communities. The healthcare needs of the communities within the conservation areas are vast, and vary from place to place. The goal behind this project is to provide medical aid. This does not mean simply bringing in supplies. There are multiple facets to medical aid. As Serqet defines it, medical aid is comprised of providing supplies, providing the education and skills sets to use those supplies, and providing remote (and, when called for, local) support from trained medical personnel, as needed.

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Higher standards of healthcare are achieved first and foremost through education. You cannot put into practice what you have never been taught! To this end, Serqet offers education for lay people in these communities on various topics from basic first aid, to sanitation and proper hygiene, to safe sex practices and family planning, as well as the necessity of seeking proper medical treatment and following medical advice. All courses are written with the ability to tailor them to specific communities’ needs. Serqet also offers higher level courses for local personnel who work in a medical capacity.

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That being said, the physical needs of many of the people living in these communities are lacking on such basic levels, that westernized society has a hard time even fathoming it! Malnourishment is a huge issue in the majority of these communities, generally related to poor food and/or water supplies, as well as worm infestation. Follow through when getting treatment for basic maladies or wounds is often poor, causing poor recoveries. Sanitation is often subpar in the villages, leading to diseases that spring from contamination. And supplies to treat simple wounds and infections are often depleted to the point that people cannot receive treatment.

This list of needs is large, and will not be sorted out overnight. But education and a consistent and sustainable supply chain of basic medical necessities are a massive step in the direction of improved standards of health for these communities.

Serqet’s long term aim is to increase the working knowledge of medical personnel as well as lay people within the communities that reside in these high risk conservation areas, regarding personal health. Our vision for accomplishing this is to create a viable and sustainable network of local personnel with access to Serqet professional medical personnel, who can raise the healthcare standard in these areas, through increased knowledge and a broadened skill set.

As you can see, there are a multitude of needs that require addressing in the realm of medical aid in conservation areas! Serqet is here to rise to the challenge of meeting those needs! Please join us in working to achieve these goals by partnering with Serqet though donation!