Serqet Medical Solutions is a Non-profit, Non Government Organization (NGO) providing Medical Solutions to wildlife conservation areas around the world.


Serqet Medical Solutions Projects
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Providing life saving medical solutions to wildlife rangers operating in high risk conservation areas.

Conservation Healthcare

wide ranging projects to raise the standard of healthcare within underserved conservation communities.

Serqet Medical Solutions, Inc.

Serqet Medical Solutions is a US registered 501(C)(3) public charity.
Non-profit, NGO providing healthcare to wildlife conservation areas around the world

Our Mission is to aid in the development of medical capabilities within conservation areas. Provide medical equipment, supplies, training and consultancy to those who protect endangered wildlife in high-risk conservation areas and to assist in providing medical care and capability to the local rural communities residing within these precious areas.

  • Doctors, Nurses and Medics

  • All of our staff are volunteers

  • Swahili, French, Spanish and English speakers

  • Experience in Wildlife protection operations gained by our Ex Military Medics


A strong mix of certified Medical Professionals and ex Military Medics

Liz Marriott

Founder & CEO
Registered Nurse with extensive trauma, neurology, Intensive & critical care experience.

Dr Smith

Executive Director

Kalyn Woodington

Board Member
Registered Nurse with Intensive & critical care experience

Joshua Kaiser

Volunteer, Serqet Medical Solutions, Inc
Retired US Army Combat Medic, trauma medic instructor

Kevin M

Ex UK Special Forces Team Medic, Experienced in training conservation and wildlife protection rangers in several African conservation areas.

Dr. Roger Chapman, PhD

Board member
Human Factors Engineer and Patient Safety Specialist. Experienced in designing and evaluating technologies to help decision makers in high risk environments, including health care and peacekeeping operations.

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